How I Learned To Like My Mom

A Memoir
Forgive those you love...
before it's too late.

Discover the relationship author Dorenda Doyle had with her mother, how it shaped her as a child, and ultimately taught her two of the most valuable life lessons of all:

  • Forgive unconditionally even what you can’t forget.
  • Love without judgment.

“This memoir is for anyone who had a difficult or traumatic childhood because of alcohol, abuse, divorce, neglect, or poverty.”

Hey there!

I’m Dorenda Doyle

They say old teachers never die. They start writing books!  Well, that’s me! I retired from the world of education after 30 years. Although I’ve always been a writer (curriculum, business annual reports, and PR materials), it took me 67 years before I was ready to write about one of the most pivotal relationships in my life … the one I had with my mother.

The experience taught me a variety of powerful life lessons—lessons my mother, with all her faults, had demonstrated to me throughout my life, but I was too blind to see.  

In these pages, I hope to tell you of a complicated relationship that ultimately led me to a value system that has allowed me to foster bonds with my own family and close friends that build on forgiveness and love. I hope, after reading this, you can as well.

What Readers Are Saying

What a beautiful, loving tribute to a life once lived. A good read for anyone who has struggled with a painful relationship. My childhood was hard, and I had a hard time with my mother. Chapters named after country songs were an exceptional touch.


If you ever wanted to know why you are the person you are, read this book. Personal, deep, concentrated, analytical evaluation of one family's dynamics is what makes this book so outstanding. Honest, descriptive, painful, forgiving, and joyous!


While I was lucky to have a great childhood, this is a stark reminder that many did not. The author is a clear example of “rise above your raising”, while also reminding all of us to ask questions and have no regrets while your family is still with you. There comes a time when it will be too late. Learn about your ancestry and roots, and forgive those who who need it.


This book came into my life at a time when I needed it the most. It's well written, with just the right touch of humor, but definitely has the life lessons in it that people need to learn how to forgive. I had a lot of laughs and a few tears throughout the book but it really puts life into perspective.


Beautifully written, authentic, touching and inspiring.

Amazon Customer

In this outstanding memoir, Dorenda Doyle shares an unbelievably difficult personal journey. Through her “no holds barred” storytelling, she leads you into the forge, withstands the heat, and guides you back out the other side stronger and wiser for the firing.

Amazon Customer

As I read and was pulled through the book, it seemed as though the writer and I were sitting near and having a long conversation about life and all the ups and downs and insides and outs to have been experienced. As we talked, I was on the edge of my seat.

Ralph Koerber
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How to love unconditionally and fundamentally accept your loved ones for who they are despite your differences.

Uncover the story of Dorenda’s relationship with her mother and how it caused a wealth of trauma, but ultimately many life lessons.

How to not judge people and empower them to be the happiest, truest versions of themselves.

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A beautiful, talented woman from the Midwest, who drank too much, parented too little, wrote country songs, and married SEVEN times. I loved my mom, but decidedly did not like her. Miles and years later, after being required to prepare her eulogy, I began to unravel my mother's complicated life. The more I uncovered, the more I realized I had not known my mother well enough to like her. This is my own story as well, of forgiveness & realizing that Mom, despite her many faults, taught me a most important lesson--to pull myself up by my bootstraps.

Inside, you'll discover:
  • Forgive unconditionally (even what you can’t forget).
  • Love without judgment.
  • Healing and forgiveness.
  • And more…


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